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Travel diseases

Hepatitis A disease
awareness videos

Episode 1 - Disease

Hepatitis A is a highly resistant virus transmitted by close contact or food and water. Vaccination and hygiene are the main means to prevent the disease.

Episode 2 – Epidemiology and International recommendations

Endemicity of Hepatitis A is variable among regions. The virus highly circulates around the world and vaccination is recommended for at-risk populations.

Episode 3 – Travel risk and prevention

People from low HAV endemicity areas travelling to high HAV endemicity areas are potentially at-risk if not vaccinated against the disease.

Episode 4 – Vaccines

Safe and effective hepatitis A vaccines have been available for more than 20 years. Hepatitis A vaccines contain antigens derived from hepatitis A virus strains grown in cell culture.

Typhoid fever disease
awareness videos

Episode 1 - Disease

Salmonella Typhi can survive several days in water and for months in contaminated food such as eggs or frozen oysters.

Episode 2 – Epidemiology and International recommendations

Typhoid fever is widespread throughout the world. In 2017, 10.9 million cases worldwide led to 116,800 deaths, and billions of people are likely to be exposed to it.

Episode 3 – Travel risk and prevention

The risk for travellers varies according to the geographical area, the highest rates occurring for those who visit South Asia as well as West and Central Africa.

Episode 4 – Vaccines

There are 3 types of Typhoid Vaccine available: Live attenuated Ty21a vaccine, Vi polysaccharide vaccine and Vi polysaccharide conjugate vaccine, the last being only available for populations living in countries of very high endemicity.


Typhoid fever is a vaccine-preventable disease. Vaccination against typhoid fever is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for travelers going to typhoid-endemic areas.

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Rabies disease
awareness videos

Episode 1 – A history of the disease

Since the beginning of time, the disease has terrified entire civilizations since it transpired that the bite of a rabid animal almost always resulted in death.

Episode 2 - Rabies vaccination

Rabies disease is fatal once symptoms appear, but it is preventable if pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis procedures are carried out properly.

Episode 3 - Understanding rabies

Rabies is usually transmitted to humans though saliva, by a bite or scratch from an infected mammal, a dog in 99% of cases.

Episode 4 - Rabies epidemiology and travellers’ risks

Today rabies is still endemic in more than 150 countries, killing every year 59,000 people. 95% of the victims are located in Asia and Africa, and 40% are children.


Rabies is a vaccine-preventable disease. Vaccination might be indicated for outdoor travellers to remote areas with a high rabies exposure risk and limited local access to rabies vaccines.

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Yellow fever disease
awareness videos

Episode 1 – Disease

After an incubation period of 3 to 6 days, patients infected experience abrupt onset of symptoms.

Episode 2 - Epidemiology and international recommendations

Yellow fever was brought to North America and Europe through its ports from the 17th to 19th century.

Episode 3 - Travel risk and prevention

In West Africa, an unvaccinated traveller visiting an endemic area for a 2-week stay would be at a risk of 5 in 10 000 of catching the Yellow fever virus.

Episode 4 – Vaccines

The Yellow fever vaccine is manufactured by several suppliers, four of which are WHO-prequalified. All are live attenuated viral vaccines from the 17D lineage, cultured in embryonated eggs.


Occasionally travellers who visit yellow fever endemic countries may bring the disease to countries free from yellow fever. To prevent importation of the disease, many countries require proof of vaccination against yellow fever.

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Japanese encephalitis disease
awareness videos

Japanese Encephalitis is an acute inflammatory disease of the central nervous system in humans transmitted by culex mosquitoes and that can cause death

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COVID-19 vaccine

Manufacturing process of our investigational recombinant COVID-19 vaccine


Sanofi Pasteur is developing a recombinant protein vaccine using the same technology and manufacturing platform developed to produce one of our seasonal influenza vaccine.

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